Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Angela's Year: the blog post

I am graduating in four days. This is a crazy thought. After four fantastic years at Lewis & Clark College, I am done with my formal education. Here's an update for those of you keeping track.

I completed my BA in International Affairs. My thesis was on civil society, economic development, and democracy in Czechoslovakia. Of course.

I served all year as editor-in-chief of the Pioneer Log, Lewis & Clark's completely student-run weekly newspaper. I wrote a lot of interesting stories that raised quite a buzz around campus and beyond... my favorites are in my online portfolio. The Pioneer Log also went to Arizona this year; I applied for a grant to take some staff to a college journalism conference.
Our other big event was the student government debate, which I moderated, with our business manager, for the second year. It was actually greatly well-attended this year, which is exciting for LC's apathy.

I also guest blogged this year at my friend Cary's unofficial Lewis & Clark blog, about having my own office in our student center.

I was a news intern in the fall for OregonLive.com, the website for the Oregonian, the largest newspaper in the Pacific Northwest. I blogged for OLive, which was a lot of fun and a great learning experience.

I was a resident assistant all year, for my third year; I live in the dorms and help students by giving them advice, planning events, and keeping people safe. It's a job I love and I love my coworkers. My best program this year was a national parks awareness program, that involved make-your-own trail mix, Ken Burns' new PBS National Parks documentary, and letters to the government asking them to care for our national parks.

I was published in our school's literary magazine for a poem I wrote in Prague, and in our school's theatrical expression journal for a short play I wrote called "Acing the Interview."

I also worked, for my fourth year, in the Information Technology department at LC. I was promoted last summer to an assistant field technician. This job involves installing and fixing hardware and software on institutional computers--and hanging out with a bunch of cool nerds (see right).

Living: School is over now, though, and so are all of those above things. I am now moving on. I have a house with my friends. We are living in Southwest Portland in a very 1970s home with 5 bedrooms and 3 living rooms; an entire floor of the house is wood-paneled. And we have some pretty awesome wallpaper.

Work: I will be working my life's fourth and fifth internships this summer.

The first is at Oregon Business, a monthly magazine serving Oregon's business leaders. I will be their online editor, composing a daily e-newsletter (sign up!) and weekly blog posts.

The second is at the Portland Mercury, an alternative newsweekly with which I am in love. They put out a print product, but also have the most popular blog in Portland; "Blogtown, PDX," which is a lot of fun to read... and now write for!

Play: My band will be putting out our first CD in the next couple days. Aubrey & I recorded the record, called "Beta Testing 1-2-3," over winter break, and her boyfriend Jake Kelly mixed it for us. Our buddy Jon Ransom put together the cover art, which I think is fantastic.

Aubrey & I are a nerd rock band, and write songs about video games and computers and love. It's great fun. We've been contacted by a few venues to start doing shows, so that will happen once moving and car buying all calms down. Keep an eye on our MySpace for updates - there are also songs and videos there.

Lastly, my boyfriend Nate and I have been together for eight months now. He is a computer science major and a really swell dude.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I'm back in the USA!!!

Two things I have noticed -
1. cashiers are soo nice here. people are smiling and making small talk. Hooray for customer service!!!
2. the recession! There are no christmas lights or people shopping anywhere! I didn't expect to see this so... obviously.

Anyway - happy happy, I am home after a fun delay/flight bump/30 hours of awakeness... There is a chocolate cake here and mom and I are working on Christmas.I am so happy to be able to sleep without earplugs - there are no drunk clubbers singing right outside my window.

Can't wait to see y'all!
family together at Christmas

Monday, December 15, 2008

I leave in 14 hours

Here are some pictures from the last couple weeks. I'll work on captioning them tonight, while I'm packing. Aah!

Prague Ends

Friday, December 5, 2008

There is only a week left!

I am going home in 8 days. This is a crazy thought - my time in Prague has been spent. I am furiously studying for my finals now, after which I will be furiously packing and moving out and cleaning... but for now...

I'm looking back on what I've learned...
  • The effect of national identity on the personality of a people.
  • How Europeans (and ex-pats) feel about America - and more specifically, our new President-elect.
  • That journalism means something completely different in places where democracy is young.
  • The history of art in the Czech lands. And, that I really like art - though I may never be able to produce it :)
  • At least 3 new perspectives on Stalin and communism in Eastern Europe.
  • The history of Prague and the Czechs - in art, fiction, journalism, and politics...
  • Lots of fun facts about Prague, Dresden, Berlin, Athens, Finland, Estonia, Slovakia, and Krakow... including where the big churches are.
  • That I can learn languages (and German wasn't just a fluke) - I think I might try to pick something else up when I get back (Arabic? Spanish?)
  • That I can show up somewhere and start my life from scratch with no contacts or language skills (as long as I have a map!) - and that it is completely possible to communicate without language. mostly.
  • That I can cook for myself - even if it's mostly disgusting and bland :)
  • How people/I search for the familiar in foreign places (see: bohemia bagel).
  • How crazy drama gets when six 20-year-old girls live in an apartment together for 3 months.
  • And - on that note- how to say "it's complicated" in Czech. (to je komplikace)
See you soon!!